Retrofit Program

Depending on customer needs, our company can fully study, design and install replacement programs (retrofit), adapted to the needs of each case. The replacement of old mechanical units or electronic speed controllers with new electronic units that offer more reliability, for even longer service time, better response and operation of the machine, are tasks that our experienced engineers have carried out.

The procedure that is being followed for each case is

  • Representation of our technical team on-site in order to evaluate the problem.
  • Study the existing installation and collection of useful data and information (i.e. Mechanical & Electrical drawings, photographs, etc.).
  • Studying and issuing a list with all the necessary Spare Parts for the replacement task.
  • Issuing the relative Quotation for Service.
  • There’s also the capability of designing and constructing any electrical equipment needed to fit with the governor’s installation (eg protection panels, power supply panels, etc.)
  • Transfer of all the Spare Parts & Accessories at the location and disconnection of the old equipment, in order to proceed to the installation and connection of the new equipment.
  • Execute and perform all the required tweaks & settings.
  • Perform tests of the new installation in all types of operation.
  • Handover of the equipment.

Our automation department consists of experienced electricians and electrical engineers, with many years of experience and expertise, gained by working in the shipping industry and especially in the automation segment.

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