Fast & ReliableSolutions

In Sarenco we can provide fast and reliable solutions on problems arising from Governors. Our lead advantage is our custom-made/innovative portable equipment. Please notice that we specialize in onboard overhauling.

Therefore, our target is to reduce the cost and timing spent on repairing governors, on maintenance and troubleshooting, by evolving our services continuously and consistently according to the demand of the market.

Why Choose Us

The reason why to choose us, is because our team consists of expert Service Engineers who can evaluate, troubleshoot and service on the spot. We follow standard guidelines for servicing each unit/model ensuring reliability & accurate results. Furthermore, in Sarenco we can also provide governors on an exchange basis program offering various types, directly from our huge stock, to meet our customer’s demand.

Last but not least, we have available a huge variety of stock spare parts and repair kits for various governor models, that are being kept and used on all services.