Certified Company

Certified Company
Our company has been certified by Bureau Veritas that our management system is in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 regarding the governor repair (both on board and in workshop), the governor sales and governor supply on exchange basis and the sales of governor related spare parts.
Patent Awarding
Industrial Property Organization grants a patent to Sarbanis Lambros with title “Portable Tester for Adjusting Mechanical Speed Governors and Actuators” with international classification G01M 13/00.
Bureau Veritas, bearing in mind the provided “patent awarding” issued in Athens by Industrial Property Organization, the Approval of work reports issued by various –on board the vessels– representatives, the various training courses certificates for mechanical and electrical governors that the expert has attended, attests that Mr. Lambros D. Sarbanis is in position to provide engineering services in any type of Governors with the associated hydro-electric and pneumatic actuators, subject to strictly follow the individual guidelines for servicing and the instruction manual of each manufacturer.

Quality Policy