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The company was founded with main target the governor servicing. The high demand of the market for governor servicing proved to be motivational for us. Our main goal is to provide fast, reliable and economical solutions. Our service engineers together with our innovative custom-made portable equipment, can be at any place, any time. This is the main reason why we specialize in onboard overhauling. We minimise the time spent on governor servicing, as our expert Service Engineers can commence the servicing on the spot. Within several hours after dismantling, evaluating, overhauling and calibration, the governor is installed and running again, good as new.

Expertise on Governor servicing

Effective, Efficient & Economic servicing

Innovative testing by customized Equipments

Provide spare parts for replacement

Local & Overseas Support


Providing quality


Evaluate, Troubleshoot & Service on the spot

on most models and types of Governors, from several makers

Fast and reliable results on reasonable cost

3-E Solutions


Our Service Engineer is present when the servicing is carried out, in order to test the behavior of the Governor on real-time conditions. Our expert team is in charge of all the stages of the Service and other third party technicians are not involved.


We visit the site where the Governor needs attendance with our innovative equipment. In the traditional way, a servicing requires several days, while with our way a servicing can be completed within several hours on the spot!


Fixed-cost solution is provided with minor adjustments from initial quotation, depending on the condition of the governor and the spare parts to be used. Maintenance and Servicing is done on the spot without additional financial costs that can occur if traditional way was preferred.


Complete Total Projects


World wide clients


Steps for Fast Results on Reasonable Cost


Great Experienced Team member

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